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Tom Fetherstonhaugh and Robert Patterson
Tenors of the Fulham and Hammersmith Choral Society

If you're not sure about your voice, Rob or Tom will be able to help you to find the best section for you to join.

                             Dates to remember


25th May 2022   Rehearsal at Lady Margaret School  9-15 Parsons Green SW6 4UN

Doors open at 6:15, singing starts at 6:45 and ends at 9pm 

            Elgar: the Banner of Saint George - All

            Booklet 1: O Taste and See

            Booklet 3: I was glad

1st June 2022  Half term - St Etheldreda's Church 528, Fulham Palace Road SW6 6JF

                                         Rehearsal from 6:45 to 9pm

22nd June 2022 Last rehearsal at Lady Margaret School

No Friday rehearsal

Saturday 25th June - Concert at St Mary's Battersea

Music for this term - Summer 2022

The following scores are provided by the choir free of charge:

Handel                           Zadok the Priest  

Vaughan Williams        O Taste and See

Stanford                        Te Deum in Bb

S S Wesley                     Thou wilt keep Him in Perfect Peace 

Parry                              I was Glad

The following score can be rented or bought (edition Novello)

Elgar                               The Banner of St George

4. CyberBass
Free rehearsal material to listen to online (midi). Possibility to change the tempo

5. John Hooper's midi files
Free rehearsal material to download

Learning Tools
Click on the links below to access recordings and learning tools in a new window.

2. ChoralLine.com
Pay for rehearsal CD and download

3. Choralia.net
Free rehearsal material to download (mp3). Possibility to change the tempo.

1. JohnFletcherMusic.org
John Fletcher rehearsal site requires a £10 yearly registration fee

Every piece we are singing this term can be found on JohnFletcher including the Banner of St George which he has added on our request

6. Quintus Benziger CD
Pay for rehearsal CD with an extensive catalog of pieces both sung and played on the piano.
It includes the Banner of St George


Summer Term

Music for Coronation

Handel                   Zadok the Priest  

Vaughan Williams    O Taste and See

Stanford                  Te Deum in Bb

S S Wesley              Thou wilt keep Him in

                             perfect Peace 

Parry                      I was Glad


Elgar                    The Banner of St George

Concert:: June 25th

Autumn Term

Christmas concert

Program to be announced but will contain Christmas carols for Choir and Audience

Concert:: December 10th