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By fhcs, Apr 6 2020 09:55PM

Dear choir,

One of the things I’m doing in this period is learning one of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier Preludes and Fugues each day. I was thinking that I could learn the B minor Prelude and Fugue in time for Saturday, and film it. I thought it might be nice to send out to the choir on Saturday — so at least they get some Bach in B minor, though it will last around 5 minutes and not a few hours….



By fhcs, Apr 6 2020 09:43PM

Today would have been our grand performance of Bach’s monumental B minor mass. Although it is deeply regrettable that we are not able to perform it for understandable reasons, please know that both myself and Tom were totally impressed and amazed at how the choir rose to the challenge to learn this piece. By the time of our last rehearsal three weeks ago we had learnt all the notes and well over half of the work was performance ready. As a piece widely regarded as one of the hardest in the choral repertoire, it is a tremendous achievement by Fulham and Hammersmith Choral!

There are many plans for when we are able to all join together again and make music.

All the best for Easter and see you all soon.